Nutrition is very important for the growth and development of baby.

Breast is the best source of nutrition for a newborn as it is full of antibiotics. It is also tailor made especially for your very own baby. Extended breastfeeding has many benefits including bonding, comfort and health benefits. However should you choose to Bottlefeed - it has it's own set of benefits.

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Together we can find the best feeding solutions for you and your baby.


When it comes to newborn babies, one of the most frustrating things to come across is reflux. Baby reflux is when milk and stomach acid come up from Baby's stomach and burn. Mainly because part of Baby's oesophagus is not matured for some time after birth (maybe up to a year).


  • Baby becomes very unsettled
  • Crying
  • Baby will arch back, stretch legs out
  • Baby can stiffen their knees up
  • Baby will refuse feeds
  • Baby is uncomfortable on their back

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  • Most importantly, see your Health Professional
  • May be prescribed Omeprazole (Losec)
  • Also add Infant Gaviscon to Baby's feeds
  • Raise the Baby's mattress up
  • Try and keep Baby upright for about 20 mins after each feed
  • Give Baby lots of burp breaks during feeding
  • Ensure Baby's diaper and clothing are not too tight around the tummy

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Although REFLUX has a lot to contribute to infant fussiness. It may in all honesty just be a label we use. Like TEETHING. It could be the source of the problem, but then again it could be something else. Babies can't talk. We can only interpret their cues. I believe TEMPERAMENT has a lot more to do with it. As a Mum of twins (baby boy and baby girl) I have noticed that they both have very different temperaments which affect their feeding style, sleep style, and how we respond to discipline. For example - my 'reflux' boy is SPIRITED. Constantly on the go! Giggles when he is happy, Shreiks like a chainsaw when he is unhappy. Has to have his bottle at the end of the day in a dark, quiet room. Visit The Baby Sleep Site to see what temperament your baby might have.